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We offer below products for sale:
Yarn Sensor
Input: 10 to 24V
Output: Open Collector Output(NPN Type)
LED (red) :- Power
LED (yellow) :- Yarn Present Sense
Switch :- On / Off
Connection:- Red wire :
Black wire : -Ve
Green wire : Signal

Output can be directly connected to PLC
Email:- info@sparkautomation.com  Contact No:- 7383679393 / 8000153128

Proxy Sensor
Input: 10 to 24V
Size: M12
Output: NPN NO
LED (red) :- Pulse
Connection:- Brown wire :
Black wire : Signal
Blue wire : -Ve

Output can be directly connected to PLC
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City-Valsad-396001, Gujarat

AC Drive (Motor Controller / Inverter)
Input: 230V 1ph / 400V 3ph
Output: 230V 3ph / 400V 3ph
DC power supply(SMPS)
Input: 230V 1ph
Output: 5V / 12V / 24V
Start / Stop Switch
Membrane type / Switch type
LED Red & Green for indication
PCB custom
Designing of  PCB according to customer machine needs like Relay, contactor, microcontroller, etc.
AC Induction Motor
from 1HP to 10HP